Kanye wins over the right: Breitbart wants him to write, "Fox & Friends" and Roseanne cheer him on

"Good for him": Fox News personalities praise Kanye West for slavery comments

Published May 3, 2018 3:14PM (EDT)

Donald Trump; Kanye West (AP/Manuel Balce Ceneta/Evan Agostini)
Donald Trump; Kanye West (AP/Manuel Balce Ceneta/Evan Agostini)

Alex Jones may have been trolling the world when he falsely promised an appearance on his Infowars program by Kanye West this week, but the hip-hop star has certainely morphed into an unlikely hero for right-wing media in recent days.

Though he has an album coming out next month, the next lines Kanye West drops could be on Breitbart, if the alt-right website has a choice. In an interview with TheWrap, Alex Marlow, the editor-in-chief of the conservative website, said he would happily collaborate with the rapper.

"Absolutely we’d publish Kanye or interview him on our national radio shows on SiriusXM or in print," Marlow said. "Kanye is one of the few people in public life — or non-public life, for that matter — who appears to be 'fully realized,'" Marlow added. "In other words, he gives off the impression that he thinks what he wants and does what he wants without preoccupation with the judgment of others."

Marlow added that the rapper’s recent endorsement of President Donald Trump seems legitimate.

"It doesn’t look like a PR stunt since the impulse to boycott people who disagree politically is a tactic used overwhelmingly by the left compared to the right," he said. "So Kanye probably stands to lose far more fans than he stands to gain by taking a high-profile pro-Trump stance."

Since his comeback to Twitter last month, the rapper and designer has been sharing news about upcoming music releasesphilosophical musings and advice and polarizing political views, beginning by praising conservative commentator Candance Owens on April 21.

Since expressing his admiration for Owens, Kanye has emerged as a vocal and passionate Trump supporter — and President Donald Trump and conservative news outlets have welcomed the Chicago rapper with open arms to their team.

Roseanne Barr, the comedian who has tweeted her support of President Trump, is also cheering on the rapper and fellow Trump supporter.

The "Rosanne" actress echoed Kanye's disappointment in the progress the city of Chicago has made under the Obama administration and Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Twitter Thursday.

"Kanye West is telling the truth about Rahm's Chicago," Barr wrote in the since-deleted tweet. "[People] do not want to hear the truth — that Chicago could be a better city for its citizens, but the establishment is corrupted."

Barr's remarks came one week after Kanye first tweeted, "Obama was in office for eight years, and nothing in Chicago changed."

And on Wednesday morning, "Fox & Friends" praised Kanye, defending the rapper over his inflammatory statements that slavery in America had been a "choice," in a Tuesday interview with TMZ.

"He came out and says slavery was a choice and then he went ahead and clarified on Twitter because it caused outrage — obviously — with that statement," said co-host Brian Kilmeade before explaining the point the rapper attempted to express but, ultimately, failed. "He said to think about 400 years ago and be in that mindset today is a choice. Get out of that mindset and think about now."

"Lives in Hollywood. Getting a lot of backlash from the Hollywood folks out there. Many people out there. Liberal. They don’t like him. So for him to speak up, good for him. He’s tripling down," added fellow co-host Ainsley Earhardt.

“He also — Kanye did — said that Donald Trump is one of rap people’s favorite guys,” said co-host Steve Doocy.

Though many people have been surprised by Kanye's embrace of Trumpism, the rapper and President Trump have been on friendly terms for some time. After the 2016 presidential election and before the inauguration, the real-estate mogul met with Kanye at his home in Trump Tower for a private meeting.

"He’s a good man," Trump told reporters before patting the rapper on the shoulder. "We’ve been friends for a long time."

On Tuesday, Kanye explained why he wore a MAGA hat in a video posted to his personal website, which shows new footage of his recent recording session with rapper T.I.

"…me putting the hat on, forces an evolution, because there's, even for me, I know so much more in the past three days, because I'm getting this energy, positive or negative, agreeing with me, disagreeing with me," Kanye says during the discussion. "When I wear that hat, it’s a fight for equality."

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