Meet the world's smartest baby monitor

Published May 4, 2018 8:16PM (EDT)

Historically, baby monitors have been designed to point out the unpleasant, like loud noises when your little one is trying to sleep or crying coming from their crib when they’re teething. But parenting is about monitoring the good with the bad, and when you’re away from home, it’s reassuring to see the giggles that outweigh the tears. Invidyo’s baby monitor uses comprehensive Artificial Intelligence Technology to keep you more involved in your child’s day that a standard baby monitor would allow.

Invidyo calls itself the World’s Smartest Baby Monitor, and it has the credentials to back it up. Facial recognition technology recognizes your baby’s face and alerts you to unfamiliar faces, so you’ll know who is around your child. It recognizes facial expressions and snaps a photo whenever your baby smiles, saving it to a private Smile Album that you can share with family and friends. Other milestone moments are collated into a two-minute highlight reel every day, or you can receive notifications when they happen, so you won’t have to wade through hours of footage to see an exciting first.

Get as close to home as you can and experience the fun moments you’d otherwise miss with Invidyo: The World’s Smartest Baby Monitor. Pick it up for $169 (34% off the retail price).

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