Become a photoshop wizard with this training bundle

Published May 12, 2018 7:00AM (EDT)

Communication is becoming more visual every day — the striking graphics and professional-grade photos that fill our social media feeds and help us share our vacations, family moments and more have raised the bar for what’s considered an eye-catching image. Photoshop started out as an editing tool designed to help professional photographers put the finishing touches on their work, but now more and more hobbyists have Photoshop knowledge in their toolkit. You can give your memories the professional treatment they deserve and gain a wealth of technical knowledge with the Complete Photoshop Mastery Bundle.
Photoshop can seem overwhelming, but with hands-on learning, you can gain the competence to quickly and easily make your special moments stand out. The Mastery Bundle’s eight courses encompass 20 hours of Photoshop know-how, including how to edit lighting for flattering portraits, using color gradients to make your image pop, creating a physical photo book to gift to loved ones, and how to efficiently manage and organize your artistic creations. You’ll also have lifetime access to all eight courses, so you can go back for a refresher at any point.
The Complete Photoshop Mastery Bundle can teach you how to give your photos that something extra in an increasingly visual landscape. You can pick it up for just $29  (97% off the $1,210 retail price).

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