This lightweight luggage has a 105-pound capacity

Published May 12, 2018 7:00AM (EDT)

Traveling light is great when you can swing it, but an extended vacation home to see your family or a dream trip overseas requires more planning and space in your luggage than a carry-on can handle. You’ll need enough room for multiple outfits, laundry, toiletries and more, and you’ll need to easily traverse crowded, stressful airports with a larger bag. Genius Pack, a luggage brand that’s racking up accolades from Travel and Leisure Magazine, Fodor’s, and The Today Show, has the perfect solution with their 30” Spinner Upright Suitcase.

This Genius Pack weighs less than ten pounds, yet has a commanding interior compartment with a 105 lb. capacity. That’s a month’s worth of clothes for one person or enough for a family of four for a shorter trip. Its special Laundry Compression Technology uses an air valve to shrink your laundry up to 75% in a separate compartment, leaving more room for souvenirs. And all of that room won’t be an issue when you’re running to make check-in: 360-degree spinner wheels make for a smooth trip from your home to baggage claim and back.

Genius Pack’s 30” Spinner Upright Suitcase is an elegant luggage solution for longer trips. You can grab it for $299.99.

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