These AirPod alternatives won't break the bank

Published May 14, 2018 7:09PM (EDT)

It can be frustrating to switch between different types of earbuds, earpieces, and headphones for your listening needs — these TREBLAB X11 Earphones help you streamline to just one powerful, wire-free set.

These earbuds include advanced features like passive noise cancellation and a built-in mic, helping you hear your soundtrack or calls with total clarity. Hear rock-solid bass and crisp treble without interference from outside sounds, and accept calls with a simple and easy touch. Plus, the secure ear fins give you truly sweat-proof flexibility for any activity, so you won't need to worry about your earbuds falling out during a rigorous workout.

Whether you're working out, running an errand, or getting ready for your daily commute, these earbuds are your best bet for a new everyday listening experience. Usually, these TREBLAB X11 Earphones are $199.99, but you can get them now for $32.99, or 83% off.

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