These wine glasses prevent spills in style

Published May 18, 2018 8:00AM (EDT)

Wine has always been popular, but new trends like Rosè all day and bottomless mimosas at brunch have made the spirit more accessible to the masses. With great wine comes great wine accessories, and products like decanters, battery-powered corkscrews, chillers for individual bottles and more are great options for red, white or bubbly wine buffs. However, none of those products prevent your favorite drink from spilling, wrecking your carpet and wasting your drink. Aura’s Non-Spill Drinking Glasses come to the rescue with a unique design that protects your couch and improves your wine’s flavor.

These non-spill glasses are a beautiful conversation starter that will save your furniture from accidental bumps during your next party. A stainless steel ball in the center of the glass’s bottom places it at the perfect angle for it to swivel without spilling, and it’s large enough to accommodate a full pour of wine so you won’t have to skimp on the fun to prevent an accident. The swivel design also aerates your wine with the touch of a finger, exposing your favorite vino to oxygen that brings out its refined flavors for a full-bodied experience on your palate.

You can pick up a pair of beautiful Aura Non-Spill Glasses for your next get together for $49.99 — a steal at 48% of the $96.80 sticker price.

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