Why understanding advanced Excel can boost your career

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Published May 23, 2018 7:00AM (EDT)

Where having a basic understanding of Excel can help you organize data, a more advanced understanding helps you crunch large datasets and make informed business decisions that could end up making a big impact in your workplace. This Ultimate All-Level Excel Bootcamp can improve your workflow and even get you in place for a promotion.

The bootcamp includes four courses that cover Excel foundations before moving on to complex applications of the platform. First, you'll go over Excel's core functions, like sorting, filtering, and configuring graphs. Once you have a strong baseline, you'll move on to more advanced techniques, like using complex graphs, automating spreadsheets, and using PivotTable and PowerPivot tools.

The last two courses cover business analysis and related strategies/tools, including using professional spreadsheet models. You'll also learn how to collect, analyze, and forecast data to generate valuable insights for your data and effectively present it to clients and stakeholders.

Finally, you'll impress your managers with your knowledge of Pivot Tables and how to build a list of unique values that you can glean insights from. Usually, this Ultimate All-Level Excel Bootcamp is $249, but you can get it now for $29.

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