This app perfects your grammar & spelling as you go

Published May 25, 2018 7:00AM (EDT)

In the ever-expanding digital landscape, it’s never been easier to get your thoughts in front of people. Whether you’re sharing a life update on Facebook, texting your family or emailing your boss, you’re writing every day, and your words are published instantly. But speed and convenience come at a cost: you’ve got less time to edit before you hit “send” on that urgent email, and a poorly phrased update on social media can spin out of control fast. Ginger Page is an app that goes above and beyond a traditional spell checker to help you write like a pro across emails, texts, social media and more.

Ginger Page’s award-winning app checks spelling and grammar, but additional features like a sentence rephraser and personalized writing trainer make the program really shine. The writing trainer detects your repeated language errors and teaches you how to avoid them, improving your writing as it corrects it. Ginger Page also has a text reader that dictates your writing back to you, so you can hear how your words will sound to your audience. You can use it on your cell phone, desktop, tablet and more.

Ginger Page Premium is on sale for $59 for a limited time. That’s a small price to pay for guaranteed clarity in a messy digital world.

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