This device lets you make texts or calls without service

Published May 27, 2018 7:00AM (EDT)

Smartphones have created a paradox in our lives: we have more freedom to communicate through countless online mediums than ever before, yet we can’t access any of those mediums unless we’re tethered to a location with a good network signal or within range of decent public WiFi — many of which aren’t password-protected, putting your personal information at risk. This conundrum is particularly stressful when traveling: you’ll witness an amazing sunset, want to meet up with your friends, or need directions and suddenly be in a dead zone the moment you want to connect. The award-winning goTenna Mesh Secure Portable Network provides the convenience and security you need, whenever you need it.

goTenna’s portable encrypted device has racked up accolades from Popular Science, Men’s Health and the CES Innovation Awards. It’s a handheld gadget that pairs with your phone to create your own secure network signal, so you can send texts or share your GPS location without service. You can also access and download free offline maps, link with other goTenna users to expand your network, and end-to-end encryption with no central data storage means your private messages stay private.

Maximize the freedom you get with your smartphone with go-Tenna’s Mesh Secure Portable Networks. It’s on sale for $155 — 13% off the $179 sticker price — and makes the perfect companion for all your summer treks and camping trips.

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