This iPhone charging cable was named a Best of CES product

Published June 2, 2018 4:39PM (EDT)

Most charging cables just crack or tear over time — but this Shield Charging Cable was named a Best of CES 2018 product by iPhone Life for its durability and flexibility.

This charging cable is wrapped in stainless steel chainmail but is lightweight and rugged enough for everyday use. Yes, it is wrapped in the same sort of material that elite knights would wear into battle during the War of the Roses. The extraordinarily strong metal can withstand considerably more than the usual amount of wear and tear, meaning you won't need to replace a broken cable anytime soon. Perhaps more importantly, it's MFi-Certified, meaning it can safely charge your Apple devices without overheating or damaging them. To prove it, Shield offers a limited lifetime warranty on the cable.

Usually, this Shield Charging Cable is $34.95, but you can get it now for $24.99.

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