This device helps you optimize the sound from your TV

Published June 3, 2018 8:00AM (EDT)

There’s nothing like taking home a brand new TV, setting it up and watching your favorite show on it for the first time. Over the past decade, TVs have gotten thinner with a higher picture quality than ever before. Unfortunately, slimmer screens mean smaller speakers, and your TV’s audio can’t keep up with the how quickly image quality is improving: sound effects and background music often drown out dialogue, forcing you to fiddle with the volume throughout your viewing experience. Luckily the Aftermaster Pro Personal Audio Device balances your TV’s audio, giving you a premium experience to match the high-quality visuals of your screen.

The Aftermaster Pro automatically raises and clarifies TV dialogue while controlling the peak sound levels of special effects, so you won’t have to turn your volume way up to hear whispered talking only to have an explosion of sound moments later. It also improves the overall quality of your TV, sound bars, and other audio equipment by remastering in real time. The Aftermaster Pro is about the size of a smartphone and installs easily with a single cable hooked into the back of your TV.
Take your TV up a notch and enjoy, clear, full sound with the Aftermaster Pro. It’s available now for the low price of $164.95.

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