Kellyanne Conway dodges and deflects questions on firing of aide who mocked John McCain

CNN host John Berman repeatedly tried to nail down the White House adviser about why Kelly Sadler suddenly left

Published June 7, 2018 2:30PM (EDT)

Kellyanne Conway (AP/Susan Walsh)
Kellyanne Conway (AP/Susan Walsh)

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White House counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway on Wednesday was confronted over the termination Kelly Sadler, the former White House communications aide who sparked controversy last monthg when an insensitive remark about Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., leaked to the press.

“Why doesn't Kelly Sadler work at the White House this morning?” CNN “New Day” host John Berman asked.

“I spoke to her,” Conway replied. “She no longer works on this complex and there are a number of open positions throughout the administration for those who wish to submit for them, interview for them andIi think that they match up nicely with different individuals, press and communication skills. In addition I know that Kelly Sadler had a career in the private sector before she came to serve.”

Berman asked if Sadler is out because of her joke that McCain, who’s battling brain cancer, is “dying anyway.”

“I literally cannot comment and I wasn't involved with this specifically, but I will tell you that she no longer works here and I talked to her” Conway replied.

“Is she going to work in the administration?” Berman asked. “Are there other administration jobs open to her?”

“Yes, there are other administration jobs open to her and to others that would like to interview for those jobs. They should submit those,” Conway said.

“In your mind, the comment would not be disqualifying for another administration job?” the host pressed.

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