Meghan McCain freaked out over the Philadelphia Eagles' refusal visit the White House

"The View" co-host could not wrap her head around why the NFL players would refuse to meet with Donald Trump

Published June 10, 2018 7:29AM (EDT)

 (YouTube/The View)
(YouTube/The View)

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Meghan McCain on Tuesday could not wrap her head around why players for the Philadelphia Eagles would refuse to meet with Donald Trump — despite his history of bigoted attacks on the NFL.

“I think when you get invited to the White House you should go, period,” McCain said, arguing the presidency is “bigger than one man.” The co-host also repeated her complaint about “how political sports has gotten.”

“Sports should bring us together,” McCain insisted, adding “when you’re invited to the White House, I don’t care who you are, [you go].”

As Joy Behar noted, former Ravens receiver Torrey Smith on Tuesday explained the rationale behind players choosing not to attend a meeting at the White House.

“If I was invited to a party by someone sexist who said offensive things toward minority groups or called my friends SOB’s,  you’d understand why I don’t want to go,” Smith said.

“You’re given him so much power!” McCain complained, adding she has a problem “when you give him this much power, that he is so horrible and so horrific that you stop believing in America and the White House.”

It’s worth noting not one person has said they won’t meet with Trump because they don’t believe America anymore.

Behar suggested players “would be hypocritical” to attend the White House given Trump’s attacks on the NFL, and Sunny Hostin argued Trump’s behavior is “beneath the dignity of the office of the presidency.”

“You know what, Sunny? I know!” McCain shot back. “They made death jokes about my father, I know. But I’m telling you that even for me, at this point in time, even for me —and I’ve been through a lot since my dad has cancer — even for me, he is not bigger than the presidency, he is not bigger than America, he is not bigger than the White House. And sometimes you just have to come to the table and have the conversation.”

“And sometimes you just have to walk away,” Behar replied.

“When you are called up and when you are asked, you show up,” McCain said.

“I would go to the hell and and meet with the Devil himself if I thought it could change something about America,” she added.

“Sometimes protest is a bigger voice than showing up,” Behar said.

“It would be nice if this particular man did not do and say some of the things that he said,” Whoopi Goldberg argued. “When you’re questioning whether these guys should be in the country at all because they disagree with you … I think they’re a little pissed at him. I understand.”

“Sometimes you can suck it up, sometimes you can’t,” she added.

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