This portable A/C unit will help you beat the summer heat

Published June 12, 2018 7:00AM (EDT)

Summer is heating up, and so is your electric bill. Staying cool during the most sweltering months means cranking the a/c, but cold air isn’t always clean air, and its drying effect isn’t friendly for allergy sufferers or the dry-skinned among us. The EvaLight EV-1000 is a small but mighty personal air conditioning unit that works hard without driving up your home’s cooling costs.

There are air conditioners, and then there are devices that literally condition the air. EvaPolar’s EvaLight EV-1000 gives you the best of both worlds while remaining cost-effective and environmentally friendly. It keeps your home comfortable using the natural evaporative cooling effect of the attached water tank instead of the Freon-like liquids that standard AC units rely on. It filters out dust particles while adding humidity to the air so you can breathe easier, and it’s ten times more efficient than portable ACs while consuming 10-20 times less energy. The EvaLight is also powered by a USB connection, so you can attach it to a battery pack and move it to wherever you need a refreshing breeze.

EvaPolar’s powerhouse portable unit keeps the air you breathe comfortable, cool and clean for a fraction of the cost of other units. Pick it up before the hottest months arrive for the sale price of $149.

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