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Published June 17, 2018 9:00AM (EDT)

Reading books goes way beyond scrolling through text online: according to a paper by the peer-reviewed publication Neurology, regular reading gives your mind a great workout and may help slow the decline in memory and cognitive abilities that comes with aging. Setting aside enough time to finish that novel you’ve been dying to read isn’t easy, but an online speed reading course will help you devour the stack of books sitting on your nightstand long before their due date.
Become A Speed Reading Machine is a comprehensive set of 67 lectures by instructor Brandon Hakim. After realizing that he was learning more from $5 paperbacks on Amazon than from college courses that cost thousands of dollars, Hakim set out to help others who could benefit from reading more. His lectures cover the hidden benefits of increased reading, little known tricks to help you read faster and remember what you read (including the “Double Time Solution” for reading twice as much in half the time), and how to use your new knowledge to become more effective in your work and personal life.
Hakim’s set of lectures is on sale now for $25 (87% off the retail cost of $195). Pick it up and start zipping through books and learning more than you ever thought possible.

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