Five things that can help you improve your productivity

Published June 21, 2018 8:00AM (EDT)

In 1859, Samuel Smiles published a book called “Self-Help” which encouraged downtrodden men without access to formal schooling to take initiative and educate themselves. The only book that outsold “Self-Help” that year was the Bible — Smiles hit a nerve, and he unknowingly launched a multi-million dollar industry or readers who wanted more out of their lives. Although the genre has moved beyond paperbacks to seminars, podcasts, online classes and more, the essence of self-help tools remains the same. People are still seeking new ways to discover their true calling, stay organized, or better manage their time. The following five courses each help you hone a different crucial productivity skill for a fuller, more meaningful life.

Working With Purpose

Even the shrewdest productivity hacks can’t help you if you don’t have worthwhile goals that capitalize on your strengths. With 27 Life-Changing Lessons From the Smartest People in History, you’ll gain simple yet surprising knowledge from notable figures like Aristotle, Charles Darwin, and Buddha. In just two hours, instructor Brandon Hakim will share Einstein’s trick for finding your purpose, the singular belief that made Steve Jobs a tech superstar, and more — and you’ll learn how to make these famous ideals work for you.

Buy Now: $19, reduced from $145.

Public Speaking

A course in public speaking doesn’t seem like an obvious stop on the road to improved productivity, but a commanding stage presence and concise, dynamic language guarantees a receptive audience that’s inspired to get to work. The Instant Public Speaking Master Class teaches you the most effective language for sharing your ideas, how to take advantage of the influence you have, and how to lead a team with an authoritative voice.

Buy Now: $23, reduced from $297.

Time Management

Sticking with unhelpful, self-created habits that leave you scrambling at the last minute is one of the biggest ways people impede their own progress. In the Make More, Work Less: Time Management And Productivity Course, you’ll dive into the details of your daily routine and enact small changes for a big impact. Instructor Jerry Banfield will teach you how to easily make hard decisions, create quality work in less time, and overcome your biggest barriers to success.

Buy Now: $19, reduced from $199.

Staying Organized

In Derek Franklin’s class, Get Things Done: How To Organize Your Life And Take Action, you’ll create a visual map to gain clarity about your life and career. The Action Map System breaks your life into Actions (things you need to accomplish), Triggers (events that remind you to complete certain Actions at regular intervals), and Domains (personal categories like Health, Business or Travel that group your goals together). In just three hours you’ll have a complete plan for setting and reaching benchmarks in all areas of your life.

Buy Now: $17, reduced from $49.

Being The Boss

Instructor Joel Widmer’s Entrepreneur Productivity Hacks course helps you develop a step-by-step system to grow and maintain your own business. You’ll evaluate how you’re spending each hour of your day and determine whether that time is cost-efficient, then create a blueprint to automate elements of your company and allow it to flourish without constant supervision. You’ll also learn the right questions to ask potential employees, and how to leverage your strengths and delegate your weaknesses to those carefully chosen team members.

Buy Now: $23, reduced from $49.

The self-help industry has come a long way since Samuel Smiles first inspired the less fortunate. Dive into these interactive personal improvement training courses and unlock the success and happiness you deserve.

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