This mindfulness app creates customized meditations for you

Published June 30, 2018 2:12PM (EDT)

Mindfulness meditation is the new Words with Friends: 18 million American adults regularly meditated in 2012, and today’s smartphone apps are bringing zen to the masses. But not all meditation apps are created equal when it comes to achieving inner peace: repetitive sessions, irrelevant meditation themes and lack of customization can leave you feeling disconnected and make you more likely to give up on meditating before reaping all of its benefits. The Mindbliss meditation app uses artificial intelligence to create a truly beneficial meditation experience based on the person.

Everyone’s meditation needs are different: some people are trying to reduce anxiety or depression, some meditate for improved sleep quality, and other people just do it to decompress after a long day. Mindbliss’s meditation algorithms keep your goals in mind and curate meditations from seven different categories for an experience that aligns with your needs. You can come back to center with single-sit sessions or serial sessions that span five to nine days, and the app’s progress tracker helps you build a regular meditation habit. Additional guided meditations, breathing exercises and 3D soundscapes make this a go-to app for relaxation.

Get the most out of meditation with Mindbliss’s award-winning app. A lifetime subscription is available right now for $49.99 (that’s 88% off the sticker price of $449.95).

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