This device includes everything you'd need in an emergency

Published July 6, 2018 9:00AM (EDT)

There are plenty of items you'd want to have in an emergency kit — but the more things you have on hand, the more susceptible they are to getting misplaced or left behind. This 1TAC Safety Charge neatly bundles everything you'd need whether you're camping, going on a hike or just need an emergency resource ready to go in your car.

The Safety Charge includes a flashlight for visibility, emergency radio to keep you connected to the world, a siren to alert others you're there, and a charger to keep your devices fully powered. It's perfect just in case you get trapped on the side of the road at night, or you get injured or lost in the woods.

If you're stuck in the midst of a power outage, or just trapped without energy in poor weather, you can turn the handheld crank to charge the device (meaning you won't need to be reliant on the battery). The built-in USB charger is also a perfect option to make contact with the outside world.

Even if you're not in an emergency, this device is handy enough for you to throw in your backpack before any camping trip, hike or outdoor excursion. Usually, this 1TAC Safety Charge is $56, but you can get it now for $44.99.

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