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Published July 26, 2018 6:00AM (EDT)

Although YouTube isn’t considered a traditional social media site, it certainly performs like one: almost three-quarters of adults are tuning in, and over 90% of teenagers and college students hop on to watch their favorite channels. Converting all of those eyes into devoted followers for your company could mean big bucks, but without video editing experience and a thorough knowledge of YouTube’s structure, newbies are left floundering. Luckily, the YouTube Mastery Bundle makes strategic YouTube marketing accessible and fun.

The five courses in this software bundle break down every step to YouTube success, from channel creation to monetization. The Thumbnails & Graphics Course teaches you how to create eye-catching imagery for your channel, even if you have zero graphic design experience. In Successful YouTube Promotion, you’ll get a crash course in YouTube’s analytics reports to grab your key demographic and build a formidable subscriber base. With Monetize Your YouTube Like a Pro, you’ll discover how to use titles, tags and descriptions to your benefit, and with Go Viral & Get Paid you’ll learn how to create tutorials (one of YouTube’s most popular video formats). A final class in Video Marketing & SEO Techniques focuses on scripting and editing your marketing videos to achieve their full SEO potential.

The YouTube Mastery Bundle is a great find at $41, but the coupon code DIGITALWEEK50 will slash that cost in half if you enter it at checkout.

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