Republican donors in Colorado aren't happy with Trump

There's an anti-Trump revolt brewing among Republican megadonors at Colorado retreat

Published July 30, 2018 3:47PM (EDT)

Charles Koch; David Koch (CBS/AP/Photo montage by Salon)
Charles Koch; David Koch (CBS/AP/Photo montage by Salon)

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The Koch Brothers are not the only libertarian-minded Republican megadonors who have taken a dim view of Trump’s trade war.

This weekend, a group of Republicans who have given at least $100,000 per year to conservative causes is meeting in Colorado Springs.

The group has turned hard on Trump, says NBC News reporter Leigh Ann Caldwell.

“They tried to give him the benefit of the doubt after he was elected,” she said. “But now, 18 months, almost two years into his tenure, we’re seeing a marked shift in the tone among this network… they’re not only concerned about the tone of this president… but it’s also his policies, as well.”

Caldwell said the group is angry about trade and tariffs, but also also by Trump’s family seperation policy.

“They call it abhorrent,” she said. “They call it a horrible policy and it doesn’t reflect the ideals of this country.”


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