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Published July 31, 2018 7:00AM (EDT)

With the vast number of new developments and advancements happening on a daily basis in the tech world, it can feel overwhelming to not only stay on top of the curve but ahead of it. But as the job market in tech becomes more aggressive, it's also becoming increasingly important to differentiate yourself with the breadth of skills you have — not only to land your dream job but to keep it.

SitePoint Premium Course is a library of e-books, courses, and tutorials on topics ranging from Blockchain and HTML to JavaScript, design, and more — plus, you get lifetime access to the list of constantly changing topics. You get unlimited downloads of fresh content as its added, and you can secure your place within your company by learning new skills and programming languages.

You'll learn some of the most in-demand coding frameworks and libraries, including Ethereum blockchain development, React and Angular — plus, the latest techniques in front-end development like animating with HTML5 canvas. The library also sharpens technical skills that sit side by side to the more straightforward programmatic skills, like Git, project management, WordPress, and more.

Access all the resources for a lifetime, completely ad-free, and support your career growth with your own personal development. Usually, a lifetime subscription to this SitePoint Premium Course is $450, but you can get it now for $39.99.

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