Kick allergens to the curb with this wet/dry vac

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Published August 6, 2018 12:17PM (EDT)

The sneezing, sniffling life of an allergy sufferer is full of time-consuming daily tasks designed to keep offending pollen or hair away. The best offense for allergies is a good defense, but when you’re protecting your home by making everyone remove their shoes at the door, dusting nonstop, and vacuuming every time your kids or pets come inside, it starts to feel like an all-out war. Top-of-the-line vacuums can be your best friend, but the best options tend to be prohibitively expensive or so heavy that pushing them around counts as one of your trips to the gym. The Kalorik Blue Air Pure Water Filtration Vacuum has an innovative design that sucks away dust and dirt for good.

Kalorik’s wet-dry vacuum filters out sucked-in dust and traps dirt inside its water chamber, reducing the airborne particles that invite your allergies out to play. Its bagless design makes it easy to empty the water chamber into your tub, toilet or outdoors, and you’ll avoid that musty vacuum bag smell that haunts bagged vacuums. The included brush and crevice tool hunt down dust bunnies in every hard-to-reach space, and the lightweight canister maneuvers easily around corners with the four-wheeled design.

Usually, the Kalorik Blue Pure Air Water Filtration Vacuum costs $149.99, but you can win the allergy battle today for only $114.99.

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