This car charger is also an emergency panic button

Published August 8, 2018 7:00AM (EDT)

There are plenty of obstacles to staying safe on the road: distracted drivers, relentless potholes, and inclement weather can all work against you when you’re trying to get to Point B. When accidents happen or you feel unsafe, your brain’s fight-or-flight response can take over and make it hard for you to think clearly. That's where the PanicSafe Emergency Locator comes in handy. It uses GPS tracking to contact up to seven friends, family or emergency services if you get into trouble.

PanicSafe’s locator is packed with features, yet incredibly easy to use. The accompanying app takes cues from PanicSafe’s built-in GPS, which updates your location every two to three minutes. A collision will activate the unit’s G-sensor and send your location via call, text or email to up to your chosen contacts.

You can also manually activate PanicSafe with the quick push of a button. The device has an internal power supply that still sends alerts if your car’s power is disrupted, so you’re never without assistance. As an added bonus, the PanicSafe is also a car charger that juices up your phone up to four times faster than standard car chargers. Best of all, there are no monthly fees with PanicSafe — just pay the for the device once, and you’ll enjoy safer driving forever.

This essential safety device is normally $79.99, but it’s on sale now for just $49.99 — a savings of 37%.

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