Set your music on fire with this speaker

Published August 12, 2018 7:00AM (EDT)

Portable speakers that wirelessly connect to your smartphone are a must-have for bringing your favorite music to parties (or for impressing a date with your impeccable taste in bands). However, most portable speakers are kind of boring: besides playing music, there’s not much they do to add to the ambiance. The Fireside Audiobox takes Bluetooth speakers to the next level with a sleek glass and aluminum unit that has a fiery new feature.

The Bluetooth-enabled Fireside Audiobox uses a rechargeable battery, self-contained propane fuel canister, and a heat-resistant, tempered glass enclosure to pair your favorite songs with dancing flames. The fire reacts to your music’s volume and tones for a visual representation of the beats, and it’s got a hi-fi driver for the best in stereo sound. It’s a great conversation starter for an outdoor party or a classy way to put a unique spin on a romantic evening. With an anti-tip-over safety device and a leak protection sensor, you won’t have to worry about dancing guests knocking over the audio box and creating a not-so-hot ending to your party. The Fireside Audiobox usually goes for $549, but right now the hot speaker that adds something extra to every gathering is on sale for $399 — that’s 27% off the retail price.

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