These premium Bluetooth headphones are on sale for just $65

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Published August 28, 2018 7:00AM (EDT)

Swimming your way through the sea of wireless headphone options is becoming more difficult: as of 2016, wireless headphones began outselling their wired predecessors, and now the market is bursting with Bluetooth-enabled headsets that promise you the moon. A lot of these simpler, plastic options are okay for sweating it out at the gym, but if you want higher sound quality to pick up every note on a long commute, or if you need perfectly-synced audio for a better gaming experience, Paww’s WaveSound 2.1 Low Latency Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones are an excellent choice.

To fully appreciate the Paww WaveSound headphones, you’ve got to break down some techie terms. They have a remarkably low latency, meaning that your WaveSounds will sync audio and visual elements much better than competitors. That latency level will make it easier to enjoy your online games, or watch your favorite show without disturbing the people around you. The upgraded Bluetooth 4.2 technology is far faster and uses more bandwidth. Translation: these headphones will connect to your devices much quicker, and they’ll stay connected more reliably. You can also connect two gadgets simultaneously, so you won’t have to constantly un-pair and re-pair your phone and television when you’re switching between the two. As an added bonus, premium cushioning make these headphones incredibly comfortable for up to 16 hours of playtime.

You can pick up a pair of Paww WaveSound 2.1s right now for $64.99 (50% off the retail cost of $129.99).

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