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Published August 30, 2018 7:00AM (EDT)

If you’ve ever set up a backyard movie night during the summer, you know how much fun a projector screen can be. However, wrangling all of the equipment you’ll need and navigating the setup can shave precious time off of your enjoyable evening, and if you want to move the shindig to someone else’s place you’ll have to make sure you’ve got compatible equipment, software, and wired connections to keep your film rolling. The P2-A Smart Pico Projector from AAXA Technologies is a mini-HD projector that fits a mountain of features into a two-inch cube.

The Smart Pico Projector lets you stream HD videos, photos, music, and apps wherever you go thanks to its handheld size. It hooks up to yours or a friend's device via WiFi or through a myriad of input options, like mini-HDMI, AV, micro-USB and more. Your binge-worthy shows will stream crystal clear on a 100” display, even in low light conditions, and the projector’s premium battery runs whatever media your heart desires for up to 150 minutes. There’s also a built-in touchpad control for easy navigation, so no matter where you take the Smart Pico Projector, you or a friend will easily be able to show off their favorite flicks.

The small but mighty Smart Pico Projector is on sale now for $199 — a fraction of the cost of its bulkier, slower projector competitors.

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