"Fox & Friends" peddles conspiracy theory that Ford was actually assaulted by Kavanaugh doppelganger

Fox News host Steve Doocy pushed a widely derided theory by conservative operative Ed Whelan on Friday's show

Brad Reed
September 22, 2018 12:45AM (UTC)

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“Fox & Friends” host Steve Doocy on Friday pushed a widely derided theory by conservative operative Ed Whelan claiming that Christine Blasey Ford was attacked by a doppelganger who bore a striking resemblance to Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Whelan on Thursday night peddled a theory that Ford might have been attacked 35 years ago by a classmate of Kavanaugh’s who happened to live in the area and who also bore something of a resemblance to him.


Although Ford herself went on the record to shoot down the theory, Doocy nonetheless seemed impressed by Whelan’s amateur detective work, in which he implied that Kavanaugh’s classmate was an attempted rapist despite admitting he had no evidence to prove it.

“A fellow by the name of Ed Whelan, who had been one of the clerks for Antonin Scalia, and a supporter of Judge Kavanaugh, he looked at what Christine Ford told the Washington Post . . . and figured out what house it may have happened at,” he said. “And then [he] realized whose house it was and looked at a picture of the young man who lived there at the time who was a classmate of Mr. Kavanaugh’s, put up side-by-side images. They look a lot alike!”

Co-host Ed Henry, however, pointed out to Doocy that the theory had been shot down by Ford, but he still left open the possibility that it could be true.


“So we’ll see!” he said.

Watch the video below.

Brad Reed


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