This decorative decanter shows off your top shelf liquor

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Published September 21, 2018 7:00AM (EDT)

If you have an appreciation for fine liquors, you'll enjoy this Eravino Whiskey Globe Decanter. Instead of having bottles collecting dust on your shelves, this beautiful decanter serves both form and function. The design is inspired by classic decorative ships in bottles and globes — it features a beautifully etched map on the surface and an eye-catching glass ship inside.

The result is a decanter that looks beautiful perched on a desk or dresser, showcasing the quality of the spirits you choose to pour for family and friends. The tight-fitting glass knob helps preserve and maintain the freshness of the liquor, and the hardwood stand not only looks good, but it also helps keep the decanter secure whenever it's not in use.

If you're not planning on using it in your own space, it also makes an impressive gift for multiple occasions — whether you're celebrating the wedding of a groom, gifting the decanter to a recent grad, presenting a family member with a thoughtful gift or even keeping it as a lighthearted reminder to celebrate life (and maybe travel a little bit more).

It's a gorgeous way to present a cocktail and an ideal present for multiple occasions. Usually, this Eravino Whiskey Globe Decanter is $55.99, but you can get it now for $24.99.

Eravino Whiskey Globe Decanter - $24.99

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