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Published September 25, 2018 6:00AM (EDT)

If you’re a Mac aficionado, you undoubtedly appreciate iCal. However, it comes with some limitations: it can be unreliable when syncing across programs you may use at work, like Microsoft Exchange or Google Calendar, and its ability to categorize and filter events is somewhat limited. BusyCal 3 adds customizations to iCal that address these issues, and it’s accompanying app BusyContacts gets your contacts in on the game.

BusyCal 3 helps your iCal integrate with all of the leading cloud services, like Google, Exchange, iCloud and more. There are customizable day, week and month views, and an embedded info panel helps you make precise updates without toggling back and forth between screens. You can track to-dos inline with calendar events, and with live weather tracking you can plan ahead and bring an umbrella if it’s going to pour on the way home from that meeting.

If you really want to supercharge your calendar, BusyContacts can help you sync your contacts to your calendar and events so you won’t leave someone out when you plan an event. It also makes it easier to find the contact you need: instead of sifting through long lists of contacts on your iPhone, you can create custom filters and group your contacts together for a more organized approach.

BusyCal 3 usually costs $49.99, but right now it’s 60% off at $19.99. You can also save 60% on their contact manager, BusyContacts when you buy for $19.99 today.

BusyCal 3 - $19.99

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