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Published September 30, 2018 7:00AM (EDT)

One of the toughest things to establish a system for when you're starting up a service-oriented business is a streamlined way of keeping track of your appointments. From missed opportunities due to lack of calendaring visibility, double bookings and the endless back and forth renegotiating time slots with clients, booking can become the biggest hassle of starting your own business. Cogsworth lets your clients book services themselves through an intuitive, mobile-friendly interface in about 50 seconds.

Many businesses lose opportunities to the competition due to a booking process that's slow, difficult or otherwise tedious — Cogsworth lets you build simple, straightforward forms that your clients can independently modify or cancel. You can build a booking page that you can embed on either your website or social media, with the ability to specify what services you offer, as well as their duration, price, and location. That saves you an incredible amount of time on the backend — including the time you'd usually spend on the phone, texting or emailing clients.

If you have staff, you can manage their capacity and book them individually — plus, manage everything from different businesses, locations, calendars and staff from a single account. You can even integrate Cogsworth with Google Calendar and Office 365, and customize it with your own branding.

You can even send out custom email and SMS reminders: usually, a lifetime subscription to Cogsworth's Big Plan is $2340, but you can get it now for $39.


Cogsworth Big Plan: Lifetime Subscription - $39

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