Megyn Kelly loses it over Kavanaugh FBI investigation: "You cannot prove a sexual assault"

On her "Today Show" program, Kelly issued a vehement defense of Brett Kavanaugh

Published October 1, 2018 4:15PM (EDT)

Megyn Kelly (AP/Charles Sykes)
Megyn Kelly (AP/Charles Sykes)

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NBC host Megyn Kelly lost her temper on Monday over the FBI investigation into allegations that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted at least one woman.

On her "Today Show" program, Kelly argued that the FBI should not try to piece together evidence to determine when and if Dr. Christine Blasey Ford was groped and assaulted by Kavanaugh.

“She doesn’t know where it happened,” Kelly told NBC legal analyst Dan Goldman. “The FBI is going to figure out the story that she is unable to tell? That’s not its job. That’s not its job!”

“Yes, it is,” Goldman insisted. “When a victim comes forward, the victim is not responsible to provide the corroboration.”

“Well, it would be great if she could give a year and a month and a general location,” Kelly interrupted.

Goldman pointed out that Kavanaugh’s 1982 calendar gave the FBI clues about where to start investigating.

“The biggest problem I have with [Kavanaugh’s] testimony,” Goldman explained, “he did not say, ‘I would welcome an FBI investigation’ and he intentionally didn’t say that.”

Goldman’s point angered Kelly.

“Because he doesn’t trust the Democrats on the committee to interpret anything!” Kelly charged.

“What do you mean?” Goldman wondered.

“The Democrats are the ones demanding an FBI investigation,” Kelly snapped, raising her voice. “His response has been, ‘I don’t believe you are an open-minded trier of facts so do I want another 7-10 days of you trying to beat me up and find things? No, I’m not really in favor of that because I don’t trust you!'”

“I have an alternative theory,” Goldman offered. “Brett Kavanaugh said so many things that seem to be provable lies unrelated to the allegation about his yearbook, etc. And the reason why I think he may have felt comfortable doing that is that he did not think there would be a follow-up investigation to show that those were not true.”

“You cannot prove a sexual assault of Dr. Ford,” Kelly replied. “You can’t. Even she can’t. She’s got her testimonial, she has no corroborating witnesses, the people she named do not support her story. Those are the facts on Dr. Ford.”

Kelly, however, agreed that it would be “disqualifying” if Kavanaugh lied to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

“But are we really going to investigate what ‘Devil’s Triangle’ actually meant to Brett Kavanaugh,” she asked.

“They should,” Goldman suggested.

Watch the video below from NBC.

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