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Published October 5, 2018 7:00AM (EDT)

It can feel daunting to develop a novel from scratch, even though you have a great story brewing in your head. From shaping a cohesive storyline to getting past barriers to publication, it can feel nearly impossible to be a published writer. That's why digital publishing's become so popular the last few years — with the popularity of digital readers like Kindles or even scrolling through eBooks on your phone, and the sheer accessibility of getting content delivered through a digital format, it's really no surprise that many writers are turning to digital publication versus traditional publication. The eBook Self-Publishing Bundle includes 12 helpful courses to get you started writing and eventually monetizing your next novel.

The bundle includes helpful tips to write as a career, develop and edit your storylines quickly, and learn clear-cut techniques to improve your writing. The training also helps demystify the way you can turn your writing streams into money, including turning your existing content into passive income through Kindle and marketing your books appropriately to gain both visibility and traction.

You'll learn how you can build a large library of Kindle books, profitable book niches and dominate them through effective marketing. There are also courses that focus on becoming a more productive writer strategically, and even develop more ideas as your career progresses.

Start a lucrative career publishing your own stories: usually, the eBook Self-Publishing Bundle is $2388, but you can get it now for $29.

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