Upgrade your TV’s speakers with this sound bar

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Published October 13, 2018 7:00AM (EDT)

Binge-watching your Netflix queue has never looked so good: technology like high-definition visuals, OLED lighting, and slim designs have propelled TVs to a new level of cool. However, all of the progress that’s happening with TV screens has forced built-in audio into the background — the leaner your screen gets, the smaller your speakers become. The smaller speakers make it more difficult to differentiate dialogue from background noise, and creates weak bass and tinny high notes for an uncomfortable listening experience. Adding a sound bar can boost your TV’s audio, but quality additions don’t come cheap, and they can add more cord clutter to your home. The Bluetooth Home Theater Sound Bar adds that extra oomph without the sticker shock. This soundbar has a sleek design that matches the style of most flat screen TVs and fits effortlessly into any living room’s decor. You’ll stay reliably connected without wires through Bluetooth 4.0 technology, and powerful dual speakers deliver rich bass and clear treble notes with zero distortion. Your closed captioning button will collect dust after this sound bar distinguishes between your favorite actor’s lines and the movie’s soundtrack. Best of all, this wireless wonder takes your TV from okay to awesome for less than $65. The Bluetooth Home Theater Sound Bar usually costs $249.99, but right now it’s only $59.99 (76% off).  


Bluetooth Home Theater Sound Bar - $59.99

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