Watergate lawyer reveals how new Roger Stone emails will impact Russia investigation

"Co-conspirators don’t have to tell each other truthful stories," Former White House Counsel John Dean said.

Published November 5, 2018 6:30AM (EST)

Roger Stone   (AP/Mary Altaffer)
Roger Stone (AP/Mary Altaffer)

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Former White House Counsel John Dean slammed longtime Trump adviser Roger Stone during a Thursday panel discussion hosted by CNN’s Don Lemon.

On Thursday, emails were released between Stone and Steve Bannon which appeared to show he had inside knowledge of WikiLeaks’ activity. Dean said that Stone continues to “amend” his story about this.

“Roger has been amending his story from day one on this,” Dean said. “In fact, The Washington Post filed a really nice piece cataloging his story as it has been amended.”

“This is another amendment because he denied talking to anybody in the campaign and he said ‘oops, I didn’t even remember I had an email exchange with Bannon.’ So Roger is hard to take at face value, frankly.”

Lemon then asked if it was illegal.

“If campaign officials believed that, does that show they intended to conspire and is it illegal?” Lemon asked.

“It certainly can be. Co-conspirators don’t have to tell each other truthful stories. In fact, it happened in Watergate. Many people were saying different things. Different people we know today from hindsight were motivated by different reasons. I think Roger could be getting a slot in the conspiracy,” Dean responded.

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