Forecast your cash flow with this helpful financial app

Plan out your expenses and save more money with this web-based financial tool

Published November 10, 2018 7:00AM (EST)

It's a myth that money management gets easier as you get older — in fact, it probably only gets more and more difficult. Bills, loans, investments and more: it can all start to get incredibly overwhelming as they increase in number. That's why you may want to check out this lifetime subscription to Kualto Money Management. Kualto is an app that helps you plan for upcoming expenses, save money for long-term investment and anticipate the funds you'll have in the upcoming weeks, months, or even years.

We're all familiar with the gut-wrenching feeling of knowing that multiple bills are rolling in simultaneously — this helpful app aids you in planning out your payments and viewing your finances at a larger scale. Even better, unlike other finance apps, Kualto Money Management accomplishes without ever actually connecting to your bank account, that your money and privacy stay completely safe and totally your own.

This app helps you see what your balance will be, not just in a given week but up to three years in advance. You'll also receive bill reminders and avoid late fees, making on-time bill payments a breeze. And if that's not enough to incentivize you to avoid overdraft fees, we really don't know what is.

Best of all, you'll never worry about your data being sold. Usually, a lifetime subscription to Kualto Money Management is $239.40 — but you can get it now for $39.99.


Kualto Money Management: Lifetime Subscription - $39.99

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