Stay connected in the cold with these touchscreen gloves

These gloves are made from a combination of toasty acrylic material, with conductive material on the fingers.

Published November 12, 2018 7:00AM (EST)

Soon the weather outside will be frightful, but your phone won’t be any less delightful. The only problem? You’ll have to peel off your gloves or mittens to answer that important text or share snowy Instagram pictures, leaving your hands and wrists exposed to the elements.

Frostbite isn’t a good look for anyone, but you’ve got to stay connected when the snow starts falling. Luckily, the Knit Touchscreen Gloves keep your paws warm while you’re typing, swiping, and scrolling.

These gloves are made from a combination of toasty acrylic material, with conductive material on the palms and fingers that help you unlock and use your smartphone without removing your gloves. Plenty of other mitts on the market have conductive material on the fingertips, but this pair’s palmful of conductive material helps you keep a better grip on your phone when you bring it out for tweeting or typing. The classic gray hue and unisex design matches any winter outfit, and with a one-year warranty, you’re guaranteed to have essential access to your phone through this winter and beyond.

Usually, the Knit Touchscreen gloves cost $19, but right now you can use your phone in any weather for just $10.99 (42% off).


Knit Touchscreen Gloves - $10.99

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