How you can improve your leadership & management skills

The masterclass covers essential management skills to help you earn a valuable certification

Published November 14, 2018 3:01AM (EST)

If you’ve been working with the same company for a while, you’re probably eyeing that next step up the career ladder. A cushier position means higher pay and more benefits, but you’re going to have to put in extra work to move from team member to team leader. A certification in critical leadership skills can show your boss that you’re ready for the next step, and the Leadership & Management Diploma Masterclass presents the know-how you need to be a great leader.

This month-long masterclass teaches you why management matters and how to build high-performing teams. Case studies on great leaders showcase the qualities that made them effective, and you’ll learn how to use those qualities to set clear directions, provide feedback, recognize and reward performance, and communicate effectively with your team.

A supportive culture is essential for successful teams, so you’ll dive into the nuts and bolts of what environments foster the best teamwork. You’ll learn how to cultivate each employee’s innate talents for the benefit of the group, how to coach employees, and how to build and maintain momentum during times of change.

At the end of the Leadership & Management Diploma Masterclass, you’ll pass five tests and earn a certificate of completion that can get you on track to your next promotion. Right now, you can enroll at a special bonus discount. Originally listed at $395, we've been selling this course for $99 but today it's on sale for just $49 — an 87% discount.

Diploma in Leadership & Management Course - $49

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