This supercharged travel adapter can power five gadgets

This adapter lets you safely charge your phone, laptop, tablet and more in over 200 countries

Published November 14, 2018 11:30PM (EST)

If your wanderlust is taking you overseas during the holiday season, you’ll want to make sure your laptop, smartphone, tablet, and extra battery packs are juiced up and ready to capture your experiences abroad. However, skyrocketing luggage costs mean you’ll have to pare your suitcase down to the essentials, and extra space for a jungle of adapter cords isn’t in the cards. The Ceptics World Travel Adapter Kits are a smart solution for keeping your devices charged overseas.

Most adapters use sliding mechanisms to switch between different plug types, but those designs can easily break or fall out of sockets. The Ceptics Kit contains multiple plugs that snap on for compatibility in over 200 countries. The adapter has two US sockets, two USB ports, and a micro USB cable — meaning you can charge up to five devices at once from a single outlet.

This travel adapter is grounded and surge protected, with a smart voltage indicator to keep your gadgets safe while they power up. With 11-13 different plugs and five ways to charge, you’ll never be caught with a “low battery” alert overseas again.

The Ceptics World Travel Adapter Kit is available in an 11-piece plug set for $26.99, or in a 13-piece plug set for $39.99. That’s 10-33% off the sticker cost, and a small price to pay for a full charge in any destination.

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