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Published November 15, 2018 10:01PM (EST)

Public speaking is a skill — and like most skills, the art of knowing how to effectively share your ideas and connect to an audience to get the desired point across can be honed. For the (many) people who suffer from anxiety, writer's block, and other public speaking issues, this Public Speaking Masterclass Bundle is here to save the day.

The bundle includes five IAOTS-accredited courses that each work to help you get rid of the hurdles of public speaking. First, you'll understand how to better organize your thoughts and ideas to present them — and you'll also learn how to plan your speech out so that you can speak under pressure. Most importantly, this bundle gives you access to tools that will help you conquer your fear of public speaking, so you can connect organically with your listeners.

With more than 40 hours of training available to you in the bundle, you can sharpen your speaking skills over time as you grow your understanding of core communication concepts. You'll also learn how to engage in active listening, body language and more, so you can better read your audience and enrich your own presentation experience.

Once you complete the bundle, you'll also validate your training with a certificate of completion. Worth $269, you can get lifetime access to the Public Speaking Masterclass Bundle for $29.


The Public Speaking Masterclass Bundle: Lifetime Access - $29

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