Master Excel and crunch data with this masterclass course

Demystify the art of using spreadsheets to actually help you save time at work

Published November 16, 2018 10:01PM (EST)

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We've all spent days getting (terribly) frustrated with trying to figure out how to use Excel — whether it was for an economics course in college or to organize and analyze business data at your current job. This Microsoft Excel Diploma Masterclass helps demystify the art of using spreadsheets to actually help you save time at work (versus just agonizing over how to properly format the data).

With a little bit of technique application and know-how, Excel is one of the best tools around to help you make better business decisions — and whether you like it or not, it's crucially used in many industries. This course uses live instruction to understand the fundamentals of basic Excel, before progressing to more advanced lessons, like charts, graphs, lookups and much more.

The information is also delivered in digestible, bite-sized chunks — and for everything that you don't absorb immediately, it's available in interactive downloadable workbooks. This extensive course helps you get a comprehensive grasp of Excel and gives you a means of reinforcing your knowledge in the future, so you're not forced to blindly memorize without a deep understanding.

You'll access eight lessons over a one month period with three hours of coursework per week, so you can be an Excel wizard in just about 30 days. Usually, this Microsoft Excel Diploma Masterclass is $395, but you can get it here for $19.

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