This device uses AI to detect and stop distracted driving

Whether you're sleepy or not paying attention, this gadget helps stay alert on the road

Published November 18, 2018 10:01PM (EST)

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Unfortunately, self-driving cars aren't available for use by the public quite yet — which means that for now, we all need to be completely alert to navigate our cars safely. For those inevitable times where you might be tired or distracted by a text message, this Ridy Distracted Driving Alert Device uses advancements in machine learning and AI to gently remind you to stay awake.

The device utilizes machine vision analytics to scan and analyze your blinking frequency, eye movement and other facial expressions — from there, Ridy assesses whether you're drowsy or distracted, and helps you snap out of it so that you can safely drive. It's the perfect gift that parents can give to their young drivers, especially if you know they're planning road trips with their friends.

It installs quickly (all it takes is 60 seconds), and is completely non-invasive — unless the driver is distracted, then Ridy sends out a warning to get the driver back on track. The device also works perfectly if you wear glasses or plan to drive at night — plus, it works without an internet connection and works continuously, 24 hours a day.

As much as possible, this device works to lessen the amount of human error that can pop up when you drive. Worth $129, you can get this Ridy Distracted Driving Alert Device for $99.

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