Upgrade your iPhone with these accessories

The iPhone Accessory Bundle and AirBud Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds are the perfect add-ons to your new iPhone

Published November 18, 2018 6:01AM (EST)

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The iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR have been out for a few months, and if you’re a lucky Mac fan who’s already upgraded, you’re going to need some accessories to get the most out of your phone. High-powered charging cables to keep your new device juiced up and wireless headphones for the gym are must-haves, and the iPhone Accessory Bundle’s got it all.

This bundle upgrades your tech collection with a wireless charger and a 10-foot charging cable. The iPhone X series is Qi-enabled, so you can just set it on the wireless pad for faster charging, improved battery life, and reduced cord clutter. If you want a wired charger without being chained to a wall outlet, the 10-foot Lightning cable can help you out.

No Apple experience would be complete with a pair of wireless earbuds. The iPhone Accessory Bundle comes with a pair of affordable true wireless earbuds, or you can pick up the latest generation of Air Bud Wireless Earbuds. These Bluetooth headphones guarantee crisp audio with minimal bulk, and their charging case keeps them juiced up when you're on the go.

Usually, the iPhone Accessory Bundle costs $129.99, but right now it’s on sale for $34.99 (73% off). The latest Air Buds typically cost $99.90, but they’re currently 62% off for a sale price of $36.99.

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