Create flavorful cold brew at home in seconds

The HyperChiller V2 Rapid Beverage cooler creates a perfect cup of cold brew with your at-home coffee maker

Published November 20, 2018 6:01AM (EST)

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Cold brew is hot right now: sales of the chilly pick-me-up topped $38 million in 2017, and those digits keep rising. Despite its popularity, there are still some hurdles that come with sipping cold brew. Heading to the coffee shop for a perfect cup every day adds up, and making a powerful blend at home can take up to 12 hours of brewing. The HyperChiller V2 Rapid Beverage Cooler turns your favorite hot coffee into delicious cold brew in just one minute.

The HyperChiller is compatible with most full-sized single cup brewers as well as traditional coffee brewers, so both Keurig fans and classic brewing devotees will benefit. Just pop the Chiller under your brewer’s drip filter, and your fresh coffee will flow through the Chiller’s lid into a central cooling chamber. It's surrounded by ice on all sides, and two layers of food-grade stainless steel prevent the ice from diluting your java.

The Chiller drops your cup of joe’s temperature by 130 degrees, and in just 60 seconds you’ll be sipping on your favorite roast. It also cools down tea and white wine for a relaxing after-work drink.

Usually, the HyperChiller V2 Rapid Beverage Cooler costs $29.99. But Black Friday’s coming early this year, and if you enter the coupon code EBFSD15 at checkout you’ll save 15% for a sale price of $25.49.


HyperChiller V2 Rapid Beverage Cooler - $29.99

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