Melt snow and ice with this non-toxic mat

Safeguard your doorstep from winter without ever picking up a shovel.

Published November 27, 2018 6:01AM (EST)

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Snow and ice coating your doorstep isn't just an annoyance — it can be dangerous, especially if you live with children or elderly people. This Saltnets Snow & Ice Melting Mat is the best way to deal with the drag of winter and slippery steps — and saves the shoveling for your driveway, not your front door.

This innovative mat means you don't have to shovel your front step day after day: it melts snow and ice on contact without any of the traditional fuss and heavy-handed tactics you'd usually use. That means you don't have to use electricity or corrosive agents — which can be their own hazard if handled improperly.

It's totally safe and reusable and minimizes the amount of effort and upkeep you need to expend in your living space over the winter. It releases a proprietary mix of tried-and-tested melting agents, stopping the accumulation of snow and ice wherever you choose to lay the mat down.

Where other melting agents can be messy and unsafe to use around children and pets, this mat is non-toxic — so you can safely use it without worry. Lay it down before winter hits, or just put it on top of your current snow mound — it'll handle the rest.

Usually, this Saltnets Snow & Ice Melting Mat is $49.99, but you can get it here for $39.99.

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