Trump's disapproval rating soars after midterm elections

Trump started off his week with his highest disapproval rating in nearly a year

Published November 28, 2018 7:30AM (EST)


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On Monday, the bad news continued to roll in for President Donald Trump.

To begin with, Gallup posted Trump with a weekly disapproval rating of 60 to 38 — his highest disapproval rating in nearly a year. As The Hill notes, the last time Gallup's numbers were this bad for Trump was December 2017, just as he and his party were fighting to pass their wildly unpopular tax cuts for the ultra-rich, and which has remained politically toxic since. Trump's disapproval also hit 60 percent last August, as he tried to downplay neo-Nazi violence in Charlottesville by insisting there were "some very fine people" marching on the Nazis' side.

One possible cause of Trump's cratering numbers is recent bad publicity about his disrespect of the military, from his refusal to attend a World War I ceremony in Paris due to rain, to his attack on the admiral who led the Osama bin Laden raid as a "Hillary Clinton supporter."

It is clear that Trump is a president deeply underwater, as evinced by the historic losses he took in the midterm election, with Democrats taking 39 House seats and possibly a 40th.

Meanwhile, that victory itself is revealing itself to be even larger as votes continue to be counted. In fact, according to the latest counts, Democrats are leading Republicans in the overall House popular vote by 8.8 million. This is the largest raw vote lead in midterm history — the only other election that came close was in 1974, when Democrats rode public outrage over the Watergate scandal to claim a lead of 8.7 million votes.

The current vote percentage stands at 53.1 percent to 45.2 percent — a lead of 7.9 percentage points, larger than Republicans' lead in the red wave elections of 1994 or 2010 and almost tied with the previous Democratic wave in 2006.

All things considered, it was a gloomy way for Trump to start his week.

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