These reversible protectors help protect your car from snow

Whether it's winter or summer, ensure that your car stays comfortable.

Published November 29, 2018 2:01PM (EST)

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Whether it's the coldest winter or the hottest summer, the temperature outside gets exaggerated when it's time to hop back into your car. Not only can it be incredibly uncomfortable to slide into frosty or dangerously hot conditions, but it can also be damaging for your car. This Car Windshield Reversible Cover Protector helps prepare your car for any season, extending its longevity and increasing your overall comfort.

These reversible cover protectors work on all vehicles, whether you have a car, truck or SUV — you can easily set it up to whichever side better suits your needs. The blue side protects your windshield from harsh winter conditions like snow, sleet or ice, helping keep heat in and your car at a warmer temperature. For summer, just give it a quick flip and use the silver side reflects the summer sun and keeps the car cool.

Plus, it's packaged in a self-convertible storage pouch, making it easy to neatly store out of the way when you're not using it. It's the simplest way to control your car's climate and avoid having to run your engine in extreme weather conditions just to get a little more comfortable.

Rain or shine, you're covered: usually, a two-pack of these Car Windshield Reversible Cover Protectors is $60, but you can get it now for $16.

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