Naturally whiten teeth with this charcoal-based system

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Published December 11, 2018 6:30AM (EST)

Sure, everyone loves a set of sparkling white teeth — but the paths to getting your grin gleaming aren't the same across the board. Professional whitening treatments can cost hundreds of dollars, and also cause tooth and gum sensitivity over time. There are more natural systems you've probably seen using charcoal that's less irritating for sensitive teeth — but they can be messy, and it's questionable how effective they are. This NUOVAWHITE Charcoal Teeth Whitening System combines the best of both worlds: natural ingredients with a professional, neat system that really delivers.

Both cruelty-free and FDA-compliant, NUOVAWHITE's uses a charcoal teeth whitening system that not only improves the brightness and whiteness of your teeth after just one treatment, but it can also restore and strengthen your enamel. You can also save money by cutting down trips to the dentist: this two-person pack is the equivalent of 20 to 25 dental chair-side-quality treatments — so you can improve your smile's aesthetic while also strengthening your enamel year-round.

The kit comes with two sets of custom trays, two blue LED accelerator lights and two FDA-compliant charcoal teeth whitening gel syringes, just in time to get your teeth gleaming for holiday photos. Usually this NUOVAWHITE Charcoal Teeth Whitening System: 2-Pack is $259.99, but you can get it here for $27.99. For a limited time, use coupon code GREENMONDAY20 for an extra 20% off the sale price.


NUOVAWHITE Charcoal Teeth Whitening System: 2-Pack - $27.99

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