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Improve your grammar, spelling and even writing style with this app

Published December 12, 2018 10:01PM (EST)

In between all the emails, text messages, documents and queries that we can produce daily, you're bound to make at least one mistake. Or maybe not — especially if you use WhiteSmoke Writing Assistant. It's writing enhancement software that doesn't just improve your grammar and spelling — it can even improve your diction.

WhiteSmoke operates off the very true idea that even the best writers can make errors. Using advanced technology, WhiteSmoke scans your writing for issues with grammar, spelling, punctuation and style errors. That means even your most rushed emails will get checked and reviewed for any gibberish before it ever meets the eyes of the addressee.

It's rated as a top solution for improving your writing and activates with one click in browser-based text editors. WhiteSmoke works whether you're writing on mobile or desktop across all browsers — plus, it's intuitive and easy-to-use and includes a translator for more than 50 languages, so you're able to perfect your writing virtually anywhere you do it. It will even scan for potential plagiarism, so you can ensure you're properly rephrasing or citing sources properly.

It's like having a secret editor in your back pocket. Usually, a lifetime subscription to WhiteSmoke Writing Assistant is $399.95, but you can get it here for $79. Plus, for a limited time, use coupon code MERRY15 for an extra 15% off the sale price.


WhiteSmoke Writing Assistant: Lifetime Premium Subscription - $79

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