Streamline your desk with this Apple-centric charging dock

Organize cable clutter and charge your Apple watch without a wire

Published December 13, 2018 6:01AM (EST)

Sure, it's cool that the newest Apple Watch features a magnetic charging cable — but whether you're a little accident-prone or just don't like cable clutter, that is one more wire winding around your space you don't need. This PowerTime Apple Watch Charging Dock with 3 USB Ports allows you to perch your Apple Watch at the top for wire-free charging — and includes three spots for USB-compatible charging.

It can feel both messy and risky to have a bunch of cords and wires crisscrossing all over your nightstand or desk. All it takes is one clumsy stumble at night over one, and it can send all your delicate and hard-won devices crashing to the floor. This charging dock means you can charge your watch without a wire and juice up three more USB-compatible devices, all in the same location.

Initially designed for Apple Watch, this sleek white hub matches the general aesthetic of Apple devices and works as the central charging solution for all of your devices. It utilizes smart charging technology to deliver an optimized, safe charging speed to multiple devices at once without overheating or overcharging your devices.

Declutter your space: usually this PowerTime Apple Watch Charging Dock with 3 USB Ports is $49, but you can get it here for $34.99. Plus, use coupon code MERRY15 for an extra 15% off the sale price.


PowerTime Apple Watch Charging Dock with 3 USB Ports - $34.99

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