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Achieve balance and clarity every day with a lifetime subscription to Aware Mindfulness

Published December 18, 2018 10:01PM (EST)

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Celebrating during the holiday season means family, friends, and great food, but all of the traveling and disruption in your schedule can leave you frazzled when the New Year rolls around. If you want to get through this year’s festivities feeling refreshed (or know someone who could use a boost), a lifetime subscription to Aware Mindfulness can help you find your center during the most hectic holiday events.

You can access Aware’s personal mindfulness trainer right on your phone. A vast library of meditation courses conducted by some of the world’s most respected teachers will help manage your thoughts, boost concentration, and improve your overall quality of life. Two-minute Energizers will help you refocus after that midday slump, and the Breathe tool trains you to decompress.

Aware’s intelligent algorithm finds the meditations that will benefit you the most, and built-in Reminders will make meditating a daily habit. Additional resources like blogs and videos keep you motivated, and when it’s time for bed you’ll drift off easily thanks to a collection of soothing ambient sounds.

Normally a lifetime subscription to the Aware Mindfulness app costs $74.99, but right now you can achieve inner peace throughout the holidays and beyond for only $29 (61% off).


Aware Mindfulness: Lifetime Subscription - $29

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